The Life Coach in-a-Book: Jump-Start Your Goals in 90 Days!

The companion guide in the InnerGuide Planning System, The Life Coach in-a-Book can help you jump-start your most important goals in 90 days. It empowers you to move beyond frustrating obstacles by using purposeful easy-to-do action steps. Utilizing the tools of top professional coaches, it focuses you to stay on track and experience fulfillment regardless of where you are in your journey. You will make consistent progress toward achieving your goals within a specific time period with less effort and more fun. This one-of-a-kind 90-day coaching program provides a practical structure for achieving success.

The Life Coach in-a-Book:

  • Utilizes the results-producing strategies of coaching, motivational psychology, time management and personal development programs.
  • Provides an innovative support structure for achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Assists in establishing new habits and discipline for success.
  • Holds users accountable for both the inner and outer conditions of their life.
  • Allows readers to achieve tremendous results in a short period of time.
  • The Life Coach in-a-Book comes in four colors.
 This cover design comes in four colors (Use one per quarter!)

This cover design comes in four colors (Use one per quarter!)

 Our new, simplified design!

Our new, simplified design!

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