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A 21-Day Challenge to a Better You


Are you ready to live the life you always dreamed of?

A Three-Week Teleseminar
Led by Jacques Lamour and Robin Hathaway

Starts Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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If you feel that you’re not living the life you envisioned, you’re not alone. While many people struggle financially, others who earn a good salary, still feel unfulfilled. Others live with the feeling of regret for not having taken risks or trying new things, while some carry a sadness within from old wounds that have not healed.

If your life isn’t what you’ve hoped for, this three-week series will help give you the foundation to create a life that inspires you.

Are you ready to live the life you always dreamed of?

This three-week course will help you gain clarity of who you are, what you really want and what’s been holding you back from achieving your goals. Finally, you’ll create an action plan that will put you on the road to success using the practical tools learned in the class.

To help strengthen what you learn, you’ll receive daily challenges ranging from writing activities to visualization exercises and meditations; all techniques we’ve utilized ourselves over several years and are excited to share with you.


  • A clearer understanding of who you are and what you really want
  • A stronger connection of your mind-body-spirit to enhance your well-being
  • Techniques to help you transform old patterns into new habits of success
  • Strategies & tools to help you adopt a new mindset to leave limiting beliefs behind
  • Effectively harness the power of your thoughts to create the life you want

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Week One: Understanding Your Past “Programming” and Recognizing Where You Are Now 

We’re a product of beliefs and behavioral patterns we learned as children and throughout the course of our lives. We are what we think and what we choose. To truly live our lives to the fullest and be the best we can be, we must accept and love ourselves for who we are in order to heal the wounds of our past, face our fears, and live a life filled with joy.

In this session we will cover:

  • Understanding the link between your behavioral patterns and programming of your mind
  • Self-awareness and awakening from the past
  • Understanding who you are right now, what you believe and what you stand for
  • Identifying where you are in this life and how you have been living

Week Two: What are Your Life Goals and What is Holding You Back from Reaching Them?

Are you happy? Is your life fulfilling? Are your relationships healthy? If the answer is no to any of these questions, you’ll need to identify the behaviors, habits, beliefs, and even the people in your life that hold you back from living the life you desire.

Most bad habits and behaviors develop over many years of routine. As the unknown can make us feel fearful and living within our comfort zone makes us feel safe, we remain in an unfulfilling life out of the need for security. Or perhaps we’re stuck in old patterns and simply don’t have the tools to make the changes necessary to be truly happy.

Before you can DO anything to change, you must UNDO the old patterns and programming while accepting what you can’t change. It’s time to start writing your new story!

In this session we’ll discuss:

  • How to embrace the qualities that make you the unique individual that you are
  • How to undo old behaviors that hold you back
  • Identifying where you want to go and what you want your life to be
  • Finding outside support when you need it
  • Clearly defining your goals and mapping out how you will reach them
  • Breaking free of your fears to face the unknown, take new risks & realize your dreams

Week Three: How to Take Action and Reach Your Goals

Once you’ve begun the process of undoing old behaviors and establishing where you want to be, you can start taking steps to getting there! Most people find that once they have accepted and recognized their past, and identified WHAT it is they want, they have a clearer vision of their dream life and the motivation to achieve it.

No matter what religion or spiritual beliefs you have, having faith that you can and will achieve happiness is a key component to your success. You will also need to take action every day, be willing to embrace the power within you, be grateful for what you already have and be fully accountable for your life.

In this final session of the series, we will discuss:

  • Long and short-term goal-setting strategies
  • Visualization techniques
  • Coping with stresses of life while maintaining your path
  • Staying positive when your outside world is negative
  • Implementing powerful daily tools for change and sustaining progress for the future


An open mind and a burning desire to start living your life to your full potential.
Class participation and daily challenges.

First classTuesdays, October 16, 23 & 30, 2018 @ 8:00 – 9:00 PM, EST

Join our teleconference from your phone in the comfort of your home.

$99.00. Fee includes three classes, course outline and 21 daily challenges. Course materials will be emailed one-week prior to start of teleseminar.

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Jacques Lamour Life Coach and Motivational Speaker – Jacques is the co-founder and president of InnerGuide, a personal development company that has been empowering people by helping them connect with who they are at their core with a practical action plan to put them on a path to success. He has been facilitating and designing personal development workshops since 1994, and has traveled to such places as Nepal, Tahiti, and India to further fuel his interest and commitment to finding ways to create a purposeful and balanced life for himself and others. His driving force and passion are to empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Robin Hathaway, MBA – Speaker, coach, entrepreneur, communication guru, and professional vocalist, Robin embodies the phrase “personal development” having transformed her life at age 34. Overcoming a difficult battle with depression and other personal struggles, she has lost close to 100 pounds through simple lifestyle changes, practical goal setting strategies and mind care. She inspires others through sharing her experiences, music and out-of-the-box communication techniques and activities into her live workshops. She’s a respected vocalist, stage performer, and the founder of Carlson Management Group, coordinating and promoting wellness events and rock concerts.

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