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Self-Care Checklist for Wellness 6.5″x9″


Let our Wellness pad help you take care of your health, replenish your spirit and lead a more vibrant life.

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This notepad is designed for anyone who could use a little motivation in taking care of themselves. This easy-to-use self-care checklist is especially helpful for those who care for others as they often neglect themselves. Ideal for nurses & healthcare workers, caregivers, parents or anyone else who needs to give themselves a little extra love.

The Self-Care Checklist for Wellness supports you in the following ways:

  • Uplifts your energy so you can feel like yourself again
  • Promotes greater empathy & compassion
  • Helps build resilience for times when you need it most
  • Supports your physical, mental & spiritual well-being
  • Helps reduce stress and prevent burnout


  • Daily Tear-off Notepad
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 9”
  • 90 Sheets (one per day)
  • Paper: white, (60#)
  • Undated
  • Individually shrink-wrapped


  • Area for stating your intention for the day
  • “I am…”: An empowering & uplifting daily practice
  • Area to prioritize your daily goals
  • Track your morning & evening wellness routine
  • How you honored yourself checklist
  • Area for self-reflection/journaling
  • Graphic to rate your daily wellness score
  • Space to list what you did such as doctor recommendations such as physical therapy exercises
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