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Have big goals but can’t seem to carry them through?

The Life Coach in-a-Book is a one-of-a-kind planner. Using the same tools as professional coaches, you can achieve tremendous results in only 90 days!

Personal Development

Develop self-awareness to understand what you want, any inner roadblocks in your way, and the mindset you need to succeed.

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Structure is key! Learn to prioritize the daily actions that will help you see results.

Progress Tracker

Review your efforts each day/week to stay motivated and on-track!

get inspired • strategize • set goals • take action • see results

The Life Coach in-a-Book’s Formula for Success

  • Our self-directed coaching strategy empowers you to reach your potential – at a fraction of the cost of hiring a life coach!
  • Use targeted personal development exercises to create healthier thought patterns and break free of habits that hold you back.
  • Record your daily efforts to stay accountable and in action.
  • Use dedicated space to write down thoughts, creative ideas, and insightful self-assessments.
  • Make incredible progress on your inner and outer goals – while mindfully tending to all areas of your life.

Our 90-day coaching program is undated, allowing you to start anytime.

Wire-o binding allows planner to lay flat and fold in half.

Lay-flat saddle stitch binding for comfortable writing.

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”
—Bruce Lee

Working as a Coach?

The Life Coach in-a-Book is the perfect tool to support the great work you’re doing with your clients.

Business or Organization?

Life-Coach in-a-Book is great for team building, sales group coaching, recovery, fitness and wellness programs, schools and more!

The Life Coach in-a-Book—taking you where you want to go.

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