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Our Mission

InnerGuide develops interactive products that help you gain self-awareness, clarity of vision and achievement of goals.

Our Story

Since its inception in 2013, InnerGuide, has been empowering people like you by connecting them with who they are at their core with a practical action plan to put them on a path to success.

Our holistic-style self-development tools are designed to help you clarify a vision for your life and achieve your most important goals. Through encouraged self-reflection practices, you develop the increased self-awareness needed to source your own guidance from within.

Our products offer elements of coaching, practical psychology and the support structure needed to help you organize and utilize time most effectively (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly), and to transform your vision from a possibility into a reality.

We believe that the process of working toward goals should be enjoyable and enhance the quality of your daily life. Our goal is to connect you to your passion while helping you achieve goals that align with your values. It’s our ultimate wish that you lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

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About the Co-founders

Lynda D'Amico

A love of beauty, a passion for truth and a strong desire to serve others inspired Lynda to become an artist and Reiki healer. Seeking wider horizons and deeper experiences, she traveled to Europe, Central and South America to explore culture, art and healing modalities. Lynda is also a certified HeartMath® mentor; teaching people strategies to self-regulate their emotions and energy in the face of daily challenges so they can bring their best to every situation. She believes that by practicing self-awareness, acceptance and living from the heart, we can transform ourselves and the world.

A talented fine artist and graphic designer, Lynda has exhibited her art internationally, and it has been placed extensively in private and corporate collections. After working as an art director and designer for some of the major New York publishing companies for many years, she brings her passion for art and design to the InnerGuide brand.

Jacques Lamour

Never satisfied with the ordinary, Jacques has always been in search of the deeper meaning of life. His interest in human development led him to study several personal growth modalities and a number of spiritual traditions. Extended travels to Tahiti, India and Nepal further fueled his interest and commitment to finding ways to create a purposeful and balanced life for himself and others. He is the founder and host of “Create the Life You Want” teleseminar series, bringing InnerGuide’s Life Coach in-a-Book to life. His driving force and his passion are to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

After a decades-long career in hospitality management, where he incorporated much of what he learned, Jacques is now focusing on reaching a wider range of people through publishing, speaking and facilitating workshops. Jacques is also a life coach, gifted motivational speaker and foodie.

Photos by social_luniac

Join our email list & receive a 10% off coupon PLUS a free gift!
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