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Why Our Products are Different

We believe that everyone has the potential within themselves to be successful.
Learn more about how our planning guides incorporate these three benefits:


Self-awareness is an access
point for the inner guidance
that is within all of us.


Our products empower you every
step of the way using a
variety of unique strategies.


True fulfillment is achieved when
you design your life in alignment
with your deepest values.

Spark Creativity

Relieve Stress

Gain Clarity

Our planning guides and journals help you feel
grounded, centered and confident.

  • Offers guidance, encouragement and inspiration
  • Acts as your accountability partner cheering you on
  • Utilizes coaching strategies to help you reach your goals
  • Empowers you to live your personal brand of success

Trusted By

Live more mindfully, with a greater sense of purpose,
while working towards your most important goals.

Utilizing the tools of professional coaches, this planner helps you achieve big results in only 90 days.

Our daily planning pads help you make lasting change in an easy, effective & fun way.

Offers guidance, encouragement and inspiration, helping you stay open to life’s possibilities.

Collect your thoughts, feelings & experiences in a way that’s meaningful, fun & unique as you.

“The InnerGuide Planners and Guiding Star Journals are in total alignment with the inner work I do personally and professionally. They are a tool I recommend to clients all the time to connect with their own inner wisdom, to gain clarity, and for goal creation.

I was so excited to hear about the new journals! They offer the same inspiration and guidance as the planners, but with a more open approach to creativity in an artistic way. The beautiful designs and prompts allow you to get creative in a mindful and reflective way. They are amazing as an addition to the planners or just on their own.

Throughout my own journey, I have experienced that the energy that goes into drawing and coloring with intention can be very powerful for healing and for manifestation. The themes of these beautiful journals aid in directing creative energy in all the right ways!”

Seonaid Mollison | Spiritual Coach @HeartToSoulHealings

“I have been a planner junkie my entire life, and I’ve used a wide variety of brands. A friend introduced me to InnerGuide Planners two years ago, and I was instantly obsessed. 

Being able to set, plan, visualize, and track my goals using my intuition, has been a game changer in my business and personal life. I use my yearly InnerGuide Planner and the 90-day planner as part of my daily morning routine. The exercises included, along with the question prompts, get me to a level of creativity and clarity that is unmatched. Some of my most profitable business ideas have come from doing the intentional daily work inside the planners. This is the only brand I consistently and emphatically recommend to all of my business coaching clients.” 

Tiffany Carter | Top Business Coach and Podcaster | @ProjectME_with_tiffany

“As a longtime coach, I strive to walk my talk. I write goals, vision statements and have worked with accountability partners for most of my professional life. I’ve spent many years looking for the best planner; discovering the InnerGuide was a game changer!

This planner facilitates self-discovery, personal and professional insight; it challenges and expands one’s thinking. The monthly goal review is important to keep goals on track and I appreciate that I can easily review yearly and monthly goals. 

InnerGuide is the most comprehensive and effective planner I have ever used—and I’ve worked through a number of them. I have recommended it to many of my clients and used it in our work together.

This is a powerful tool for those who are committed to continual growth and success—I highly recommend it!”

Veronica “Roni” Holcomb | Executive Coach & Leadership Champion

“I’ve been using the InnerGuide Planner for several years and I can honestly say, it is the best planner I have ever used. I’m a professional Life and Health Coach and the InnerGuide Planner is laid out in a way that compliments my Holistic goals perfectly. I love this planner so much that I have made it a required part of my Holistic Life Coach training. The InnerGuide Planner offers a thoughtful approach to achieving goals in every aspect of your life. It’s filled with guidance and inspiration and I could not be more pleased with it!”

Julie Wallace | Life and Health Coach | Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios

“As a leadership coach, I know how important it is to help others navigate challenges with greater ease so they can stay committed to their goals and bring forth their unique gifts. If you’re interested in expanding the way you see yourself and what you’re capable of, I highly recommend the InnerGuide planning tools. They’ve helped me stay centered and focused in my spiritual, personal, and professional life.”

Sophia Casey | PCC | Chief Energetic Officer

“The Life Coach in-a-Book is an inspiring tool for clarity, which goes well beyond goal setting. It teaches you to live intentionally and avoid getting swept away by the overwhelm of daily demands.”

Paula Orozco Newell | Health Coach and Reiki Master Teacher 

From the Co-founder

“I know how frustrating it is to feel unexpressed and unable to live the life you envision. For years I felt stuck in a place that didn’t honor my true self.

Thanks to journaling, I became aware of the patterns that held me back. I started to make breakthroughs and before long, my life looked completely different.

Many people struggle with these same challenges, which is why we created the InnerGuide system. Our products are designed to help you become more self-aware, and to assist you in living a creative and fulfilling life!” —Lynda D’Amico

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