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Feeling Stuck? Simple Strategies To Overcome Challenges

Feeling Stuck? Simple Strategies to Overcome Challenges

At times, we all face challenges that seem impossible to solve. When we can’t see the way forward, we often freeze, and start fixating on the problem, catapulting us into a cycle of anxiety. There, the fears creep in: “Will I be stuck like this for an eternity? Will I ever figure it out? Do I even have what it takes to get what I want in life?”, and before long, you find yourself paralyzed. To escape this uncomfortable feeling, you might even put off dealing with it, hoping – pretending really – that it’ll go away on its own.

But here’s the thing: problems don’t go away by either obsessing about them or ignoring them.

So, you might ask…

What can I do then?  ➡️ You can stay engaged by taking some kind of action.

Even if I don’t know what action to take? Why would that be helpful? ➡️ Because taking action changes how we feel about the problem. It shifts the energy entirely, from something disconnected and scary that is looming over us, to a surmountable goal that we are able to keep productively engaging with until we succeed.

And if I make the wrong moveWhat then? ➡️ Even making a “wrong” move shifts your attitude from passivity and defeat to one that is solution oriented. Rather than simply zeroing in on dread, your attention shifts towards practical ways to solve the problem at hand.

So next time, when you notice you want to distract yourself from what must be dealt with… Just do something toward it. Anything. Even if it’s stepping away to regroup. Because taking even the smallest step will help you feel capable to tackle whatever it is. Feeling “able” builds over time through action. Just one small step can help you feel less scared and overwhelmed, and inspire you to take another step, then another. That’s really the key.

Before long, you’ll look back and be glad you faced the problem instead of giving up. Challenges are a part of life. Facing them not only gives you an amazing feeling of accomplishment but also helps you learn, grow, develop new skills, and can lead to an incredible future you may not have believed was possible.


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