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Standing With Black Lives Matter And Equality For All

Standing with Black Lives Matter and Equality for All

“I’m no longer accepting the things I cannot change…
I’m changing the things I cannot accept.” 


Regarding Black Lives Matter and the worldwide protests for equality, we hope you know that we’re 100 percent behind the movement in calling for an end to systemic racial injustice.

We believe that the only way to achieve real and lasting change is for us as individuals to get things ‘right’ on the inside. This is an important time to reflect on your own personal biases and how white privilege has impacted your life and community. You can take action by supporting black businesses, speaking out about social justice, educating yourself and others and donating your time and resources to organizations that work toward making this world a more fair, kind and compassionate place.

While anger is understandable, let your love and desire for justice and equality for all be the driving force behind your voice and actions. Rather than lashing out toward those who are ignorant due to growing up in a racist environment, help educate them by having conversations about race and inequality so they can learn do better.

Until there is equality for all, none of us are truly whole.

To help support this movement, refer to and share the link below.
It includes a wealth of important documentaries, books, podcasts, etc.

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