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Be Your Own Valentine

Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is a joyful time to celebrate the love we have for our partners, children, and closest friends. But for some, that day is a sad reminder of being alone. If you’re one of them, what if you celebrated yourself that day?

It’s a known fact that the love we share with others can only go as deep as the love we have towards ourselves. That’s why self-love is paramount.

Not sure of how much you love and care for yourself? Then let’s try this simple exercise. Using pen and paper, keep track of all your internal self-talk for at least a day or two. Be sure to include both positive and negative commentary.

When finished, review your list, making sure you don’t judge yourself for what you wrote. Otherwise, you’ll be reinforcing exactly what you’re trying to change. Was your language mostly kind and supportive or was it harsh and judgmental?

Next, ask yourself this question: Would I talk to my friends like that?

If the answer is no, sit with that for a moment.

Now ask: Am I ready to start treating myself as if I’m my own best friend?

If the answer is a big YES, then let’s continue. While watching your thoughts, catch yourself in the act of diminishing self-talk and immediately “correct” the language so it’s uplifting and supportive. In other words, change the language and tone so it sounds like you’re speaking to your best friend.

Every day, continue to be on alert for any self-talk that diminishes your value, correcting it as you go. Over time, the harsh, critical and impatient words will wither away, making room for those that nourish you. Your sense of self-love will blossom and as you expand in love, you’ll want to share that with others.

So, go ahead and root for yourself, find humor in your mistakes, hug yourself when you’re feeling down always be kind to yourself.

Life can be challenging. Self-love can help.

❤️ Be your own Valentine.❤️

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