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One Day at-a-Time Success 6.5″x9″


This unique pad helps you achieve your most important goals by helping you develop new habits for success. Just a few minutes a day will help transform your life.

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This highly effective structure helps you develop and hone the skills necessary to turn the goals you envisioned into reality. We believe that living successfully means so much more than having financial security, including being authentic and courageous, giving of yourself to others, and living in the present moment. Using this pad will help you develop the habits of successful people and help you achieve what you set your heart and mind to do.

Our One Day at-a-Time SUCCESS planning pad keeps you on track with creating a successful lifestyle by:

  • Using your time more productively by prioritizing your goals
  • Holding you accountable for both the inner and outer conditions of your life
  • Inspiring you to push through your fears with daily challenges
  • Encouraging self-care to prevent burnout so you can live a more balanced life
  • Helping you stay accountable for the choices you make


  • Daily Tear-off Notepad
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 9”
  • 90 Sheets (one per day)
  • Paper: white, (60#)
  • Undated
  • Individually shrink-wrapped


  • Area for noting date
  • A daily challenge section
  • Place to keep your weekly goals top of mind
  • An area to prioritize daily goals
  • Habits of success checklist
  • Questions for self-assessment
  • Wellness-focused checklist
  • Fun area to rate your daily success
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