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My Daily Checklist (For Kids!) 6.5″x9″


You work hard to help your kids develop their own inner compass. They’ll love this easy-to-use notepad, which reinforces your good lessons with fun visuals.

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As busy caretakers, we often don’t have the time and energy we’d like to focus on teaching responsibility to our kids. To support your efforts, we created this teaching tool for use in day-care centers, school programs as well as home.

The My Daily Checklist pad can be used with or without your help for children ages 4–10 to encourage them to develop positive habits and behavior in a fun way.
Not only will this daily checklist make your job easier as a parent, but it will also help your child:

  • Remember to do daily chores
  • Learn to be resourceful and independent
  • Build a strong character by reinforcing good manners
  • Reminds them to be grateful for what they have
  • Realize that taking responsibility feels good!


  • Daily Tear-off Notepad
  • Dimensions: 6.5” x 9”
  • 90 Sheets (one per day)
  • Paper: white, (60#)
  • Undated
  • Individually shrink-wrapped


  • Area for noting date
  • Chores, activities and schoolwork checklist
  • A place for your child to express what they are grateful for
  • Good manners reinforcement checklist
  • A place to rate how they felt they did each day
  • Space to be creative!
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