Guiding Star Journals

Coming This November!

Guiding Star Journals—A New Way to Express Yourself on Paper!

From the creators of InnerGuide, this new self-guided journal helps you tap into your creativity while also taking care of your well-being.    

During these uncertain and anxious times, the need to express yourself, unwind and find creative solutions to life’s challenges is important as ever, and now as simple as turning a page!

For those who enjoy expressing themselves through writing, visual images or a combination of both, these charming journals offer many capabilities for self-care journaling, all in one book.

This includes:

  • writing
  • vision board
  • coloring 
  • collage & drawing
  • bullet journaling

Have a big presentation at work? Create a vision board or collage.

Feeling overwhelmed from balancing all of your commitments? Grab some colored pencils and create.

Need a digital detox? Take a break from screen time and get back to “me time” with your Guiding Star Journal.

Plus, the Guiding Star features different themes to support you in manifesting the life you want and deserve.

You’ll get to choose the guiding theme that speaks to you!
  • DREAM: A Space for Your Desires
  • ADVENTURE: Awakening to an Inspired Life
  • GRATITUDE: A Direct Path to Happiness
  • ABUNDANCE: Tuning Into Prosperity

The Guiding Star website is in the works and will be active soon. Watch for giveaways, launch date, sales and more!

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These journals will be exclusively offered on the InnerGuide website.

We are looking forward to sharing these beautiful journals with you!


Creator of Guiding Star Journals, Lynda D’Amico, is deeply passionate about the connection between self-awareness and freedom when it comes to self-expression. A skilled artist and truth-seeker, D’Amico says, “The Guiding Star journals were created to help you feel more comfortable expressing yourself. It’s meant to act as your sacred space away from the digital world and demands of everyday life—a place to replenish your spirit, and access inner peace in a way that’s meaningful, creative, and fun!”


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