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The InnerGuide Planning System

The Life Coach in-a-Book and The InnerGuide Planner work together as InnerGuide’s Model for Success. This system is designed to help users live a more productive, creative and fulfilled life. By seamlessly integrating several developmental components, the system helps users jump-start a special project or goal while encouraging them to stay connected to what’s most meaningful to them.

Benefits of the model also include helping users gain clarity of who they are and what they value so they can transform their personal vision into tangible results. By taking a holistic approach to planning, users are trained to make decisions based on what’s essential to their inner well-being while they work to achieve success in the outer world. This approach inspires users to develop qualities so they can become positive role models.

The InnerGuide Planning System:

  • Utilizes the results-producing strategies of coaching, motivational psychology, time management and personal development programs
  • Provides an innovative support structure for achieving your personal and professional goals
  • Assists you in establishing new habits and discipline for success
  • Holds you accountable for both the inner and outer conditions of your life
InnerGuide Panning System
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