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The Blessings Of Spring

The Blessings of Spring

With the passage of a long, cold winter here in the Northeast, we welcome the blessings of soft warm breezes and colorful palettes of Spring. Spring brings with it a feeling of hope like no other time. What appears to be dead in the winter, is now bursting with life.

If we observe nature on a closer level however, we are reminded that change and transformation is a normal state of being. As part of nature’s dynamic system, we also have times of renewal when we need more quiet and reflection, and times of building that calls upon us to be more active.

Living creatively with grace requires us to participate in the dance of resting and movement, reflection and action, giving and receiving. Because the daily demands of a busy life can rob us of time to nurture the deeper parts of ourselves, we invite you to read a blog we wrote for Sivana Spirit. (You can continue to read the whole article by following the link to their site.)

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