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Taking A Pause

Taking a Pause

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” —BLAISE PASCAL

For many, the pandemic has created a lot more down time and isolation. While some welcome and thrive from taking a break from social gatherings and being in a constant state of busyness, others feel anxious, lost or even lonely. And, in a society that values productivity, some may even feel a bit of guilt for not maintaining their usual go-getter style.

Whether you’re comfortable or not with having many aspects of your life on pause, meeting this challenge through a process of acceptance and adaptation, brings with it many health benefits. These benefits include a boost to your body’s immune system, better cognitive skills and lower blood pressure. Plus, a sense of calm and well-being awaits you.

Here’s just a few additional benefits of slowing down and being quiet:

  • Greater creativity Give your rational mind a break and let your mind wander. Daydreaming and using your imagination can lead to problem solving, inspiration and new ideas that can expand possibilities for your life that you may not have seen before.
  • Better listening skills It’s common to see several people talking at the same time and raising their voice over one another to be heard. Listening in silence not only offers respect toward who’s speaking but allows you to hear more fully to help you gain insight and learn something new.
  • Increased wisdom Rather than constantly looking out there for knowledge, silence creates space for receiving. Use this opportunity to enhance your intuitive skills where knowledge may come from visuals, physical sensations, voices or simply a profound sense of ‘knowing’.
  • Develop self-awareness Take a break from doing and give yourself the precious time to reflect. You’ll not only get better acquainted with yourself, but better process your thoughts and emotions that often brings much-needed clarity.
  • Stronger connections Because silence helps you connect more deeply with yourself, you’ll enhance your connection with others too. Your interactions and conversations will become more meaningful and ultimately, you’ll feel more grounded in the presence of others.
  • Less is more As you begin to enjoy and seek refuge in silence, you’ll become content with less. Letting go of the unnecessary clutter in your life, you’ll gain more space for what’s truly meaningful to you. Plus, as you live more mindfully, you’ll feel greater appreciation for what you’re blessed with.

Don’t feel as if you have time or know how to experience more quiet time in your life? While it’s great to schedule quiet activities such as nature walks, introducing mini “retreats” throughout the day can benefit you in a big way! Simply take a moment to close your eyes and enjoy a few long, deep, slow breaths or daydream over a leisurely cup of tea.

As you become more comfortable with being alone in silence, you’ll be able to take that sense of peace within you wherever you go.

What are some of the ways in which you enjoy quite time? We’d love to know!

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