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What’s Holding You Back?

What’s holding you back?

Do you ever wonder why sometimes everything seems out of reach? Why do some people seem to achieve their goals while others struggle to get what they want?

I’ve spent a great deal of time wondering the same thing. How does life work? I’ve come up with some thoughts I’d like to share.

  1. Life is often what I make it. I have power over my thoughts, beliefs and actions (or inactions).
  2. Every day is an opportunity to start over again.
  3. When I get stuck, I ask myself; What’s holding me back? When I figure that out, it’s easier to move forward.
  4. I alone am accountable for my life.
  5. Loving myself and others is crucial to living a fulfilling life.
  6. I am a being of far greater power than I can imagine.
  7. I have all the necessary strength, courage and faith within me to overcome the challenges I face. It’s not always easy. But our biggest personal growth often comes from our biggest personal challenges.

I encourage you to come up with your own personal life insights and post them to use as a reminder of what you’ve learned so far. Staying positive really helps me stay motivated. I’m sure it will help you too.

Spring is officially here! If you’re like me, you’re already planning events for the warmer months. Hopes and dreams are revived as flowers bloom and the light lingers into the evening hours. But sometimes we look back and see this time with disappointment because our New Year’s resolutions are a thing of the past. Unaccomplished goals can dampen motivation making it hard to stick to your plan.

Whenever that happens to me, I ask, “What got in the way?” When I’m able to honestly answer this question, then I can address the issue and find a way to move past the obstacle.

I’ve also realized that most of the obstacles are inside myself. Unrecognized fears or thoughts can undermine my efforts and lead to low confidence. Deep inside I’m thinking, “I don’t have what it takes to do this.” Or, “I’ll never have the life I want to create.”

Once I’m aware of the beliefs that hold me back, I can work to change my internal dialogue and allow my passion, renewed energy and confidence to blossom and support me toward achieving success.

We are truly extraordinary beings capable of realizing our wildest dreams. We must believe in our greatness, and expect that seed to grow. To harvest the vision you so deserve, plant your intention in the fertile soil of faith, determination and courage.

InnerGuide’s philosophy is that everyone has the potential within themselves to create the life they wish.

What will you do to keep yourself moving toward your dreams?

What will you create in the next three months?

Answer these questions and you will be on your way.

And, if you need support to help you get there, InnerGuide’s Life Coach in-a-Book can help.


Jacques is a life coach and co-founder of InnerGuide.




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