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Connecting To Your Heart’s Wisdom

Connecting to Your Heart’s Wisdom

So many of us are actively seeking new ways to engage life in a more meaningful way. Though we are all part of one energy field, we often feel disconnected with ourselves, others and God. The world is full of signs of this disconnect—poverty, emotional pain, conflict and war. Many ask, if I know we are all connected, why do I feel so separate? What can I do to bridge that gap and apply it to life in a practical way?

The solution can be found in the heart-based wisdom of ancient cultures whose literature holds the secrets of our ability to be a more conscious creator in our lives. Our heart, once thought of as a pump, is much more—it is a sensory organ that has the capability to learn, remember and communicate.

For thousands of years, many indigenous cultures were aware of the heart’s capability to automatically “know” the truth. In 1991, Dr. J. Andrew Amour of the University of Montreal, discovered about 40,000 sensory neurites within the heart. Like an antenna, these specialized cells are part of a network that can share information with other cells in the body and the field of energy that connects us all. Much of this cutting-edge research is coming from HeartMath Institute and it shows that our hearts are an access point to higher consciousness or Spirit.

The Power of Your Heart

Readings have detected the heart’s energy field several feet away, making it the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. When we say things like “Something doesn’t feel right” or describe someone as having a good or bad vibe, we are talking about energy. Whether you’re conscious of it or not, your thoughts lead to emotions, which in turn, send out vibrations that participates in what we collectively create in our world.

HeartMath studies have shown that within seconds, we can use intention to stimulate the neurons in our brains and hearts to reach out to each other and connect—creating a state of coherence. Maintaining this state for as little as two to three minutes, optimizes your brain’s processing ability, reduces stress, promotes healing and increases your intuition! Ready to reap the benefits? Try this simple technique.

A Heart-Centered Technique

The beauty of this exercise is that it doesn’t require the perfect environment or a lot of time. By simply focusing on your heart center while holding the feeling of appreciation, you can enjoy its lasting effects.

  1. Place your attention on your heart center. (You may find it helpful to gently touch your heart area with your hand.)
  2. Imagine your breath flowing in and out of your heart area. Focus on your breathing until it is steady and slow, taking about 5–6 seconds for each inhale and exhale.
  3. Next, intentionally slow your breath down further. This will send a signal to your brain to let you know that you are safe.
  4. To the best of your ability, feel the emotion of deep gratitude while maintaining your breath through your heart center. You can solicit this feeling through memories and images; whatever works for you. Maintain this state for at least two to three minutes.
  5. If you want, you may now introduce a very simple and direct question. Listen for the answer through sensations, feelings or an immediate “knowing.” If the answer is wordy or complicated, that is your brain answering. Ignore it. The heart will always answer concisely, objectively and will feel right.
  6. Before finishing, immerse yourself in the feeling of gratitude for this meditation by taking in one last deep breath, then releasing it fully.

The ultimate goal is to help you live less from your ego and more from your heart. As you learn to listen to your heart’s wisdom, you can use it to help you better decisions and foster a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others. You’ll also become more rooted in your authentic self, more connected to Spirit/God and live with a deeper appreciation for life. Your heart is the vehicle of transformation you’ve been looking for. It is where your healing, your tenderness, and your true strength lies.



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