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InnerGuide In The Community

InnerGuide in the Community

In September, we donated academic year planners to the staff and children of the New City Kids after school program in Jersey City, NJ. New City Kids is a non-profit that provides at-risk, low-income children and teens leadership and performing arts skills. We felt that our planner would compliment what New City Kids does so well—empowering children by offering them a loving environment to build their confidence, give them hope and transform their lives.

We were also honored to have had the opportunity to speak to over 80+ kids during the opening ceremony of this year’s program. We spoke about the importance of discovering who they are and what they value so they can choose a path that represents them at their core. We encouraged them to develop a connection within themselves that will guide them throughout their life and serve as their anchor during challenging times.

Inspiring others to reach their full potential is one of InnerGuide’s core missions. We love how the New City Kids’ program takes a holistic approach by helping children develop academic, leadership and music skills along with focusing on their spiritual development. If you would like to learn more about their transformative program or how you can become a supporter, visit them at New City Kids.

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  1. Beautiful contribution to these young people…. I’ve been thinking about a similar usage for the 90 day version for a mentoring project with first year college students.

    I’m wondering, with the gift of the tools for these young persons, how specifically someone followed up with mentoring or coaching focused on addressing usage of the planner?

    Thank you for your tremendous gift in creating these planners!



    1. Thank you for your kind words Larry. Regarding New City Kids, we have yet to follow up to see how they are utilizing the planner with their program.

      Last spring a college purchased the yearly planner for their incoming students and I’m sure the 90-day guide would work beautifully for a mentoring project.

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