Spreading the Seeds of Love

Spreading the Seeds of Love

Recently, while on a brisk walk, I meandered off onto a winding dirt path that leads down to a little beach. About half way down, I noticed a big flat rock. Spontaneously, I stopped and collected some small stones, then used them to create a nice size heart to display on the rock. After delighting in my “masterpiece”, I continued on my walk thinking about how it may make others smile too.

A couple days later while walking down the same path, I was pleasantly surprised to find that someone had expanded on my “art” by adding a smaller heart along with spelling out the word LOVE. That made me really smile!

A few days later while on the same walk, I was curious to see if the art would still be there. It was; and with the added bonus of the word JOY. That made my day!

As I continued along with a joyful bounce in my step, I thought about how each little gesture we put forth counts in a big way. We don’t have to wait until we have one grand idea or one-of-a-kind gift to express our love and appreciation. Instead, each little heart-felt expression of love and kindness grows and helps spread joy from one person to the next.

As you express your love this Valentine’s Day, take pleasure knowing that you can spread those powerful seeds of love in the form of small gestures all year round.


None of us have gotten where we are alone. Our families, friends and countless people we may not even know, would be truly moved by your gestures of appreciation. The InnerGuide Yearly Planner’s “Show the Love” element is a weekly reminder to tend to what’s truly important—expressing your love and appreciation to others.