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Tune Yourself Up For The Holidays

Tune Yourself Up for the Holidays

The busyness of the holiday season is fast approaching! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and exhausted just thinking about it, let’s tune you up so you can slay the holidays with gusto!

Think of yourself as having an inner battery. Much like your cel phone, you only have so much energy to use each day. While a good night sleep will help recharge your battery, your energy reserves are mostly affected by your emotional diet.

Much like the kind of foods you eat, your emotions are either depleting or renewing you. For example, a person who sees a challenge as an opportunity to learn something new feels inspired, an emotion that charges their inner battery. Another person, facing the same challenge but perceiving it as a problem, feels angry or frustrated. These emotions deplete their inner battery.

Examples of Renewing and Depleting Emotions

The Link Between Your Emotions & Health

In addition to affecting your energy levels, your emotions also play into your physical health. Renewing emotions increase the regenerative hormone, DHEA, while depleting emotions trigger the production of Cortisol, a degenerative hormone. We can all see which hormone we’d want more of to help keep ourselves young and active!

Stop Your Energy Leaks

Since your energy reserves are mostly affected by your emotional diet, you’ll want to develop greater awareness around your feelings. To gain insight as to where your energy leaks are, jot down what you’re feeling throughout the day. In a weeks’ time, you should be able to recognize some of your energy-depleting patterns. While emotions such as anger are easy to spot, be on the lookout for the more subtle energy vampires such as irritation or guilt. Because they can run throughout the day, they’re much more energy-depleting than one big burst of anger!

We also recommend reviewing your schedule and letting go of anything that puts you on overload. For responsibilities you must do—such as a job that you dislike—try shifting your mindset to focus on a positive aspect of it while taking action to find work more suitable to you.

Charge Your Inner Battery

Want to get your energy soaring for the holiday season? You can start today by tracking your emotional landscape for one week and download our free worksheet Do More of What You Love. While lessening your load of depleting emotions helps prevent energy leaks, you can also increase your energy reserves throughout the day by doing what you love. This could be anything that uplifts you emotionally such as dancing, connecting to nature or doing yoga. With our busy schedules, many of us go weeks before doing something that truly renews us. That’s why we recommend scheduling ‘you time’ in your planner. Even 15 minutes of doing something you love can help make a huge difference in your outlook and energy levels. In our Yearly and three-month goals planner, The Life Coach in-a-Book, we also recommend that you develop an inspiring morning routine to start your day on a positive note.

Shift Gears

Living from a place of feeling overwhelmed and drained makes you more likely fall prey to old, destructive patterns which in turn, lead to even more energy-depleting emotions. That’s why making changes that patch up energy leaks along with doing activities that bring you joy is so important. Not only will you have more uplifting energy throughout the day, you’ll be able to bring your best to every situation.

We’d love to hear about any insights you gained from tracking your emotions along what you’ll be scheduling in the upcoming weeks to renew your energy!


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